Friday, Nov. 10, 2017 – Fireside Concerts – 7:30 p.m. – Newbury Park, CA – with GEMINI!


Harmonistas Howitt

We’re thrilled to help Bob Kroll celebrate his 20th anniversary hosting and producing Fireside Concerts!  Bob is a terrific supporter of both local and traveling musicians.  We wouldn’t be the group we are without his encouragement.  Come out to congratulate this talented man who will play us all a tune or two to start off the evening. You owe it to yourself to see and hear him!

Borchard Community Center
190 Reino Road, Newbury Park, CA (corner of Borchard & Reino)

6:00 p.m. Doors open for general seating
7:30 p.m. Concert
$10 suggested donation (general seating)

Janice Gelencser, Sally Charette, Launice Walker and Louise Dobbs are back again!  These four diverse talents apply their unique harmonies to fresh arrangements of blues, rock, acapella, doo wop, gospel and folk.  They hail from the four corners of the greater Los Angeles area, but the passion for harmony that brought them together is too powerful to resist.  Just try to pin them down to traditional harmony parts – it can’t be done!  Each Harmonista likes to play the harmonic field, finding the right combination for each song.  The Harmonistas have played Fireside Concerts, Gelencser House Concerts,  Noble House, Chuck’s Place, Butler’s Coffee House and Brookdale Senior Living, Apple Valley. 

The Harmonistas are excited that the always amazing Gemini (Bruce Farwell & Renata Decker) and Jim St. Ours will start off the show with their unique blend of talents.

Gemini Photo Edited


2017 marks the 20th anniversary of GEMINI performing at the Fireside Café.  They will be joined by JIM ST. OURS, an excellent long-time singer-songwriter who has performed throughout the Western states as well as in Nashville for several years.  GEMINI are well-known for their close harmonies, smooth arrangements, well-crafted originals, humorous songs, a variety of folk and Americana favorites, and for their warm and friendly manner with their audiences.  They have won several awards for their singing and playing, and have produced two CD’s, Twin Spirits and Heart, Heart & Soul.  Come hear this wonderful ensemble at this special 20th anniversary show.

Harmonistas Sing-Along at Topanga BFC

Harmonistas Topanga

Come join us!  Sing along at the Songmakers stage at the Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Contest. We’ll be there on Sunday, May 21st 12-1:00 p.m. and we’d love to see you!

We’re not competing this year. Just ready to have a good ol’ time.

It’s only $23.00 ($18 seniors/teens) for a full day of music at the 57th Annual Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Contest.  Gates open at 9:00 a.m. Beyond the competitions there are musical performances, dancing in the square dance barn, presentations, vendor booths, and lots of jamming in the streets of historic Paramount Ranch.

Click on this link for all the TBFC info and directions.

See you there!

The Harmonistas Ride Again – Saturday August 13 – 7 p.m. at Butler’s Coffee in Palmdale, CA

Harmonistas action

Saturday, August 13, 2016 – 7:00 p.m. : Butler’s Coffee , Palmdale, CA

Come join in the fun! This is one of our favorite places to play. Sing along as we mix it up with sixties pop/rock, fifties girl group songs, forties jazz and contemporary folk/rock gospel.

Butler’s is a comfortable coffee house that supports music and the arts in Palmdale and the greater Antelope Valley. Come to see us, grab a bite to eat and a cup of coffee or a smoothie (Sally loves the mango!) No cover charge!

Lang Station

Stay to see Lang Station, an alt-indie group from Santa Clarita.

Butler’s Coffee is located at 40125 10th Street West, Palmdale, CA 93551. Use the map below for door-to-door directions.

Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest 2016



Stuart Mason’s terrific design for this year’s TBFC!

It’s almost time for the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest again!  If you haven’t been to this friendly music festival before, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

The Harmonistas are sitting out the competition this year–wow, was last year’s 2nd Place win exciting for us!–but we will be leading the  jam session on the Songmakers stage from Noon-1 p.m.  Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Come find us and show us what you’ve got!  We’ll be singing some songs of our own and backing you up on yours.

If you miss us, be sure and find the Songmakers stage in the western town any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Look for the blue banner on the front porch of the old jail. Songmakers is all about keeping homemade music alive and you’re invited to sing and play along.

The Harmonistas never would have met without Songmakers bringing us together.  There is probably a hoot or song circle near you!

March 12, 2016 – The Harmonistas and The MacMammals



The Harmonistas and The MacMammals will put the spring in springtime  at Gelencser House Concerts in Claremont this March.  Come help us raise the spirits of renewal. You know you want to!

Saturday, March 21, 2016 – Gelencser House Concerts, Claremont, CA

Suggested donation: $15.00

7:30 p.m. – Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Reservations: 949-596-1266
Directions provided with reservations.

Launice Walker, Louise Dobbs, Janice Gelencser and Sally Charette are The Harmonistas. These four diverse talents combine to create unique arrangements of familiar favorites and new discoveries from blues, rock, doo wop, gospel, and jazz through folk. If it gives them goosebumps, they go with it! They hail from the four corners of the greater Los Angeles area, but the friendship and passion for singing that drew them to each other keeps them going strong. Each Harmonista likes to play the harmonic field, finding the right combination for each song.

They’re happy to return to Gelencser House Concerts for another great evening. They’ve played Fireside Concerts, Noble House, Hewett House Concerts, Chuck’s Place, Butler’s Coffee, Brookdale Apple Valley, and private events.

They may be reached at

The Heard 2 McMammals

The MacMammals are an eclectic acoustic music experience featuring Celtic, English, and North American traditional music. They consist of the husband and wife duo of Carol Schryver-Bloom and Ron Bloom, accompanied by Paul Marshall on upright bass.

From spirited sea shanties to heartfelt ballads of love, migration, and simpler times, the Macs will musically transport you through history with a unique selection of seldom heard and hauntingly melodic songs.

Jackie Morris, reviewer for FolkWorks says of lead vocalist and guitarist, Carol Schryver’s engaging alto voice, “It is a voice that is at once strong and compassionate; one that draws you in and holds you.” Their sound is distinguished by Ron Bloom’s back-up vocals and agile picking on Irish bouzouki, mandolin, guitar. Paul Marshall is a “bass alchemist,” turning low notes into gold.  In 1969, Paul joined the million selling band “The Strawberry Alarm Clock.”  His pedigree also includes band member with “I See Hawks in LA,” and numerous songwriting, stage, and screen credits.

This group has appeared at numerous Southland venues and charmed audiences with their unique selections interspersed with stories and histories of the lands those songs come from.  Tonight they are bringing you a program focusing on songs from their 2015 CD release, “Keeping Up With the Heard;” songs collected during visits to the Celtic region of Canada, Cape Breton Island; as well as songs honoring Scotland’s poet and songwriter Robert Burns.

They may be reached at


November 21, 2015 – Camarillo House Concert with Gemini!


Impromtu harmonies at La Purisima Mission!

The Harmonistas are happy to announce that we’ll be performing again in November!

We’re busy re-arranging some new tunes to share with you this fall. Our material spans the decades from the 1940s to the 2010s with lots of stops on the way. Be ready to help us out with some sing-alongs!

Come take a fun and relaxing musical break with us before the holiday season really heats up!

Ann Howitt House Concerts, Camarillo, CA

Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

For reservations and directions, you may contact Anne Howitt at 805-484-0243.


Known as “Gemini”, Bruce and Renata Farwell have delighted audiences for many years with a diverse repertoire of original, traditional and fun pop tunes.  Their songs look at love and life with “heart and soul” and a touch of humor, delivered with gorgeous harmonies, Bruce’s outstanding guitar work and Renata’s unique voice.  Bruce’s background goes back to folk days in Boston and New York’s Greenwich Village.  He toured for many years in Europe and the States both as a solo performer and as part of the Bitter End Singers. Recipients of numerous performance awards, Bruce and Renata have been entertaining at many different settings, including coffee houses, house concerts, folk festivals, private parties, and, more recently, senior facilities.  Joining Gemini for this special concert on bass and harmony will be Patty Quintana

The Harmonistas Take 2nd Place in the TBFC Singing Competition!

Harms Topanga
Well, boy howdy, are we thrilled!
       The Harmonistas were awarded 2nd Place in the Singing competition at the 55th Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival !  This is our 4th year of entering, and we are so happy to have placed in the top three!
      We were in the middle of hosting sing-alongs on the Songmakers Stage when Harmonista-hubby Andy Gelenscer arrived with the news that not only were we bumped up to the 2nd round of competition on the main stage, but we that we’d better get moving!  There were only two songs left before our performance slot.
     We handed the stage off to Harmonista-hubby Dana Charette (who also took this photo) and high-tailed it over in time to hear one of the band competitors finish up. Very exciting!
    We had a great time and are forever grateful to the terrific volunteers and staff who organize this amazing music event every year. Your hard work and support along the way make it all fun and exciting.
Our Main Stage performance Thanks for the video, Dana!
We are all still floating on air!
     Congratulations to fellow Songmakers Jill Fennimore for being awarded 2nd Place in Fingerstyle Guitar and to Steve Berman for taking Horoable Mention for his harmonica solo in Other Instruments!
     Check out Songmakers when you have a minute. The four of us met through this friendly and supportive organization. We’re from the four corners of Southern California, so chances are we wouldn’t have crossed paths otherwise.  You can be a part of keeping home made music alive, too!
For those completists amongst you, here’s our performance in the preliminary round on the Railroad Stage.

The Harmonistas at Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival


Hey there!  The Harmonistas will be hosting the Songmakers Stage at The Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest from Noon-1p.m.  Directions and more info if you click the link or the photo above.

Come by and sing along with us!  The Songmakers stage is where you get to participate with great singalongs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The festival is a great opportunity to listen to and join in with the music and dancing, and get a little craft shopping in, too.

See you there!

The Harmonistas Are Headed for Topanga!

Hi there!  It’s been a while since we’ve seen you!

We’re currently rehearsing for the vocal competition at the 55th Annual Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival at Paramount Ranch on Sunday, May 17th.  We’ll be singing at the Songmakers stage off and on during the day and generally enjoying this terrific festival.

You can join in the music at the Songmakers stage, jam with any number of impromptu groups that spring up around the grounds of the festival, or just kick back and enjoy the entertainment on the main stage.

We’re working on  dates for late summer and fall, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, have a look at the song we competed with last year. Our mashup of Hard Times and Cottonmill Girls moved us up to the main stage. It’s always thrilling to perform to a big crowd!

Friday, November 14, 2014 – 7:30 p.m. – Fireside Concerts – Newbury Park, CA



The Harmonistas are over-the-moon at the prospect of returning to the long-running Fireside Concerts Series at the Borchard Community Center in Newbury park!

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Concert begins at 7:30 p.m. $10.00 at the door.

Borchard Community Center – 190 Reino Road, Newbury Park, CA (Corner of Borchard & Reino)


The Harmonistas

The joint is always jumpin’ when The Harmonistas hit the scene. Sally Charette, Janice Gelencser, Louise Dobbs and Launice Walker are back again with a set that is 90% new to Fireside. These four diverse talents apply their unique harmonies to fresh arrangement of blues, rock, doo wop, gospel and folk. They hail from the four corners of the greater Los Angelesarea, but he passion for harmony that brought them together is too powerful to resist. Just try to pin them down to traditional harmony parits — it can’t be done! Each Harmonista likes to play the harmonic field, finding the right combination for each song. The Harmonistas have played Fireside Concerts, Gelencser House Concerts, Chuck’s Place Concerts, Noble House, and Butler’s Coffee House.  They can be reached at





Ken O’Malley

As a solo artist, Ken O’Malley easily commands the room. Quickly drawing the audience in, it is no woder that the Irish News describes him “without question, as the single most enduring, influential and profiient of all Irish musicians in Southern California” and the University of St. Thomas at Houston acknowledges him to be “widley regarded as tht efinest Irish foler singer/songwriter in the United States today.” For more info see his website



The Koles

The Koles are a folk pop trio with Arlene Kole, Bill Kole and Jim Rolfe whose original songs and vocal arrangements captivate audiences everywhere. With roots in the progressive bluegrass sounds of Nickel Creek and harmonies that harken back to the Manhattan Transfer and beyond, The Koles challenge modern day pop antics with streamlined brilliance in their musically stimuliating offerings. For more info, check out their website at


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